The Battle of Khimki
Wednesday, August 25th 7PM at M11 (1212 S. 11th St. #24)

The Battle of Khimki: Russian anarchists take on fascists, the
government & the mafia in the fight to stop a highway.

Ecologists, anarchists, and antifascists in Russia have been fighting
to stop a new toll highway from being built between Moscow and St.
Petersburg. A reroute of the highway will destroy a forest near the
town of Khimki, outside of Moscow, where governmental and private
figures stand to profit handsomely off the selling of land and the
building of commercial centers along the highway.

After fascists, police, and security guards teamed up to attack people
at a eco-camp in the forest on July 23, 500 people took part in an
anarchist flash demo that attacked the Khimki municipal building on
July 28. The next day, two known antifascists who have spoken out
against the construction, Alexei Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov were
arrested by officers from the Extremism Department.

Now the comrades in Russia are asking for international awareness and

Come to this info night to find out about the situation and how to
give support.


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