No Detention Center Nowhere! (Original title NO LAGER NOWHERE! Lager is German word for camp) Thursday, September 16th 7:00PM This 39 minute video brings together images form various anti-lager actions that have taken place across europe in the past. The video contains footage from actions both outside and inside detention camps in Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. Camps for refugees and migrants – everywhere in Europe you can find these places, that cannot be found on any usual map. Camps aim to exclude and deter people, and serve as a filter for the labour-markets. Camps create a hierarchy and represent a cornerstone of global domination. It is time to draw new maps, maps of resistance: to tear down the visible and invisible fences and walls, to attack all lagers and detention centers by any means necessary. The film documents various experiences and actions from eight countries: a collection of testimonies, but mainly a patchwork of images of resistance, which should encourage and inspire to intensify and to transnationalize the struggles against the “lager regimes”. A discussion will also take place after the movie.


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