Call to participate in Anarchist Assembly September 21st


In light of the recent escalation of violence by the police in the Puget Sound region, we call you to participate in a general assembly on Tuesday 21st.
We hope that this assembly will allow anarchists, anti authoritarians, autonomists etc., to come together and talk about the increasingly hostile environment we find ourselves in and what we are doing about it. This is not a space for the planning of events but rather it is an opportunity for projects to be announced, for proposals to be stated, for connections to be made, deepened and expanded. We intend to increase the level of joint activity, coordination, and face-to-face communication among already established anarchist networks.

At present, our aim is to encourage the momentum of resistance to the presence of police in our lives. We are uninterested in a discussion of better police training. Arguments for police reform are not welcome at this assembly. If you choose to express good faith in this violent and oppressive system you will be asked to leave. The only requirement for attendance at this assembly is the desire for the total abolition of the dominant social order that commits violence against us—including the police force. To this end, political parties are unwelcome —including so-called “revolutionary” ones.

The assembly will be held at the Vera Project at 5:00pm. For directions please visit (


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