Killer cop gets less than 2 years Oakland, CA

Video of cop shooting Oscar Grant:

Oakland responds to sentencing:

On Friday, November 5th, former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was sentenced for the shooting death of Oscar Grant, III. Mehserle received the minimum jail sentence possible from Judge Robert Perry, two years. Subtracting the 146 days Mehserle has already been behind bars in an LA County jail and another 146 days for “good behavior,” he is expected to be released from state prison in less than one year from now.

Concerned community members gathered together in Frank Ogawa Plaza by Oakland City Hall to respond to the sentencing and to honor Oscar. The schedule included live art from 2-4pm and speakers from 4-6pm. A previously planned march from Frank Ogawa to Li’l Bobby Hutton (DeFremery) Park in West Oakland, after the 6pm conclusion of the gathering downtown, has been canceled by organizers. A spontaneous march that followed the event ended with 152 arrests on 6th Avenue.

Oakland responds to Mehserle conviction of involuntary manslaughter-July 2010:

As dark began to set in, graffiti went up and windows were broken on Broadway between 14th and 15th Streets. A number of people pushed through the metal gates protecting the Foot Locker store and began to throw individual shoes in the air over the crowd. Police were obviously aware of what was happening as they had a line at 15th and Broadway, as well as snipers and lookouts on rooftops and presumably undercover officers in the crowd, yet they did nothing. Eventually, box after box of shoes and other sporting gear began to come out of the store. Some attempts were made to ignite empty shoe boxes strewn throughout the block.

It wasn’t until nearly an hour after the community gathering concluded that police formed a line on 14th just west of Broadway, donned gas masks, and made an announcement about an illegal assembly that could not be heard by those on Broadway. As the police line moved toward Broadway and rounded the intersection at 14th, turning north, a voice on a loudspeaker could be heard commanding officers to “make arrests, make arrests” as they slowly moved forward. Police began to tackle random people, using their nightsticks, with multiple officers piling onto each individual they targeted, pushing them into the pavement. Several bloody faces were seen as police lifted arrestees to take them away.

From there, most of the crowd had managed to squeeze through the opening into Frank Ogawa Plaza while others made it further up Broadway and Telegraph where more graffiti went up, more windows were broken, at least three additional stores had merchandise expropriated, and several dumpsters and trash cans were set on fire. Before midnight, those in the streets had largely dispersed and police set up lines at various intersections and marched through downtown in large platoons.

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