Thurston County Jail Prisoner on 5th Days of Hunger Strike

A Show of Support is Needed

Nyles Bauer is now in the 5th day of his hunger strike at the Thurston
County jail. He asks that you please support this action, which began
on the 18th of November. His action is supported by Noam Chomsky, as
well as others.

He is asking that there be transparency in the Family Court system and
that he be allowed to isolate and submit potential treatment for
Muscular Dystrophy to a qualified university laboratory. Currently,
there is no treatment for the specific form of this disease from which
Nyles suffers. A hunger strike is an act of desperation.

He is being held in the jail stemming from actions that led to a
conviction of Custodial Interference which, I hope, will not influence
your consideration for the support of his action.

You may write to Nyles c/o Thurston County Correctional Facility, 2000
Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia 98502

Please write: Board of County Commissioners
Cathy Wolfe, Commissioner District 1
Sandra Romero, Commissioner District 2
Karen Valenzuela, Commissioner District 3


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