1st of May – Un Dia En MAYO – Tacoma

May 1st is an anarchist holiday. It began with anarchists in Chicago who were organizing/agitating for the 8-hour work day. (Anarchists died so people could work less, be exploited less, alienated less… though their goal at the time was to completely destroy the managerial class.) Eventually the Chicago anarchists were tried in a kangaroo court, and the state executed a handful of comrades in an attempt to stop social war.

A couple years later, anarchists decided that the day of the original strike which caused the conflict should be commemorated. Each year there should be a march, there should be inspiration, momentum, around May 1st. And since 1886, May 1st is honored around the world in some way or another by anarchists, but also socialists, union and non-union workers, immigrants and reformers — usually with more contemporary spin. May 1st is not a Haymarket fan club, but a day to highlight local, contemporary struggles. It is not a day to hold “martyrs” on a pedestal, but a day to reignite this passion.

AUTONOMY//253 will be distributing the Sping issue for May Day in the Tollefson Plaza area.

Some things you might want to bring:

  • – musical instruments
  • – face paint
  • – banners that make the cops, media, and the doucheoisie shit their pants
  • – sound systems to blast the alienated weekend employees out of their buildings
  • – drums & buckets
  • – some clothes to dance in, or hoops to dance with
  • – hardcore, rhythmic chants: “el pueblo unido jamas sera vencido,” “a- anti- anti- capitalista,” etc.
  • – black flags, black/red flags, REPRESENT
  • – pamphlets about how May 1st was started by Chicago anarchists, and why it is the shit
  • – lungs, to breathe life into the alienated downtown world of commodities
  • – your friends and co-workers, children and parents
  • – a big parachute for when capitalism falls

English May Day poster, from Demonstrate253.org

Spanish May Day poster, from Demonstrate253.org